Here’s the entire Vinesauce Spooky Advisory System by….I can’t really recall who…

(Send me an ask if you can remember who did this)

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  • me: *gets on tumblr*
  • me: *sees hot robots everywhere*
  • laptop: *fans click on*
  • me: you and me both laptop

IS THIS 2006?  - a revival mix

IS THIS 2006?  - a revival mix

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garrus being horrified to discover that hes only actually a rebel by turian standards and would be considered a “huge nerd” and “some kind of hall monitor” by all other cultures

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there are characters that i really just want to gently tug out of their canon and put them in a canon that i actually like because i hate their series but i’m so very very very interested in the characters

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To be united by hatred is a… fragile alliance at best.

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