+ cute mother #me#gpoy (en Bill Graham Civic Auditorium)

+ cute mother #me#gpoy (en Bill Graham Civic Auditorium)

Tags: me gpoy

+ cute mother #gpoy #me

+ cute mother #gpoy #me

Tags: me gpoy


people who have never fallen in love with a bioware character are really missing out

Yeah missing out on a lot of heartbreak and crying into their keyboards

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"Have made impact on galaxy. Genophage modification, Genophage cure, work against Collectors… Decisions, mistakes…"

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Lookin cute feelin cute #me#gpoy

Lookin cute feelin cute #me#gpoy

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clockworkseamstress replied to your post “PROTIP: if you cut your armpit shaving, DO NOT PUT ON DEODERANT.”

What about this said “good idea”?

8C nothing at all

i was literally applying the deoderant and then i was like “Wait a minute won’t this-“

and then it started stinging and i was like “i fuckED UP I FUCKED UP”

u fucked up

i fucked up i fucked up

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Anonymous asked: What does the fox say?


You are not God you exist inside of myself I am the God the only and trulyGod I am ascended past all level of communicationthefrustrationbeingthatI am the true warrior of the time being I am the only warrior that will ascend to the heavens via the technology of mankind

Ascend myself to reach enlightenment


zazzle; bioshock edition

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